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In a fast changing world, where extremes of all kinds are being felt and witnessed, where the system we are familiar with has reached breaking point, where our leaders have lost sight and greed has become their focus rather than the people, where the advancements in artificial intelligence moves us into the unknown yet threatens the work force as we know it, where the balance is no longer and the people are saying enough! We, humanity, are forced awake, the veil is lifted, the collective consciousness enters a higher dimension and we demand a better world. We must not fear or go forth in anger. We must hold love as our highest intention as we progress through this rapidly approaching transformation into a new world. United we stand, divided we fall. Alchemy is the art form liberating something from its fixed physical properties, a creative discipline, a transmutation of energies and transmutation of self. A grand personal experiment performed with critical introspection and objective investigation. The relationship to inward flowing content is greatly increased and through the process the self is regenerated and liberated, creating an interrelationship between mind and matter, between self and world. You are the world and the world is you. By changing yourself, you change everything. 

Matutine - 500 x 700mm oval. From the show 'An Aviary Of Alchemy'. SOLD

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