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Surrender - Jane Crisp 2017 Graphite on Italian handmade paper Paper size: 180 x 300 mm Surrender follows on from my work 'Catharsis', a large painting I recently completed. I still have ideas inside of me bursting to be released on this subject, ironically. Surrender has been another life lesson I have recently been shown to help ease my way through life's challenges, to recognize resistance and to turn it around in that moment. When we let go of how things 'should' be and accept things how they are we can then move forward beyond the wall of resistance. Where our attention goes energy flows, and what we resist persists. When we surrender we allow our greater intention to guide us and take us in the direction we desire, but until we can accept the way things are we will find resistance will push us back, unable to move forward. Accept things are as they are and we can then move forward with greater ease, releasing resistance and surrendering to what is. 



Surrender -SOLD

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